Woman Gives Birth Inside California Bookstore

Customers inside a California Barnes & Noble didn't need to purchase any books on giving birth last Friday.

Because they were treated to a live demonstration!

An unnamed female entered the Torrance location of this chain late last week and went into labor in the store's lobby.

Torrance Fire Department Captain Steve Deuel said emergency workers responded to a 911 call and were debating whether to take the expecting mother to the hospital when the "baby made that decision for them."

"They went ahead and delivered a healthy baby boy," Deuel said.

The exciting incident took place around 7:30 p.m., just a few minutes after the woman walked through the door.

Approximately 20 people gathered to watch the miracle take place.

"That is a really awkward event to do in public," said store manager Marchelle Hughes. "At the same time it's a really tender moment, and I think everybody wanted to share that.

The mother and newborn, whose names were not made public, were taken to a hospital and both are doing well.



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